CHILDWISE Monitor Trends Report 2014

The CHILDWISE Monitor Report has been published each year since 1994 - a comprehensive annual survey of children's media use, brand attitudes and purchasing habits.

Trend data from this proven leading industry tracking study is available as a separate, 30 page, concise report - providing the ideal introductory reference for information on children aged 5-16.

Key trends...

  • Three quarters of 5-16s own their own computer; under half now have a laptop, a third have a tablet PC, and a fifth have a desktop PC
  • Seven in ten 7-16 year olds can access the Internet in their own room
  • 7-16 year olds using the Internet do so on average for over two hours a day, and access on almost six days a week
  • YouTube and Facebook remain the top favourite websites, but YouTube is now more popular than Facebook
  • Three in five 5-16s have their own TV, one in eight watch TV on their computer, and nine in ten use on-demand services to watch TV
  • Children watch an average of 2.3 hours of TV a day
  • Two thirds of 5-16 year olds own a mobile phone, and seven in ten owners now go online on their mobiles
  • There have been further decreases in spending across half of the categories this year, whilst the amount given as pocket money have increased slightly

Report content...

The CHILDWISE Monitor Trends Report gives tracking data from 1997 to 2013 on media and purchasing behaviour, covering:

  • Computers, Internet, games consoles
  • TV viewing, access to TV and channels, favourite TV programmes
  • Magazines and reading, music and radio, mobile phones
  • Pocket money and self purchase across key product fields

Data is presented in total, and separately for boys and girls, within two broad age bands, 5-10 years and 11-16 years. More detailed 2 year age breakdowns are available in the full CHILDWISE Monitor Report, together with further topic areas and analysis.

Research Detail (2010 onwards):

  • Annual sample of over 2000 children aged 5-16 years
  • Online interviews in schools for children aged 7+, face-to-face in school for 5 and 6 year olds 
  • Geographical coverage across the UK via around 100 schools

User benefits:

  • Robust time series data
  • Accessible summary of status and trend
  • Sound basis for forecasting
  • Comparisons can be made with an organisation's own internal data

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