CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2015

We are now taking pre-orders for the CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2015.

This year, we will be producing a deck of Summary Pages from each of the report sections, available late November 2014, more than a month before the full report is published in the New Year.

The CHILDWISE Monitor is a comprehensive annual report focused on children and young people's media consumption, brand attitudes and key behaviour.  More than 2000 children aged 5-16 in schools across the UK complete our survey, on topics as varied as their favourite apps, what they spend money on, sports they play, and their plans for the future.

The 2015 Monitor Report covers...

  • Internet: access, frequency / time spent online, favourite websites, gaming, social networking, social gaming
  • Computers: ownership and usage, tablets / laptops
  • Games consoles: games console ownership, gaming behaviour, time spent playing
  • Mobile phones: ownership, usage, time spent using, smart phones, who pays, how are calls paid for, monthly spend
  • Apps: usage, paying for apps, favourite apps
  • TV: time spent watching, channels watched, favourite programmes, TV ownership, on-demand TV
  • Music: accessing music, time spent listening, radio stations, favourite groups, downloading music
  • Reading: favourite magazines, frequency / time spent reading, ebook readers  
  • Money: pocket money and earnings, ad-hoc handouts, spending and saving  
  • Self purchase: categories bought from, buying online
  • Sportsweekly hours in / out of school, sports done in / out of school, watched on TV / live, awareness and involvement with the Commonwealth Games
  • Activities: out of school activities, milestone activities
  • Current affairs: voting, areas of concern, sources of help and advice on issues
  • Careers and education: plans for post school / college, career prospects, sources of career information


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For more information on Monitor (2014), see the CONTENTS of the report, or the INTRODUCTION, which gives a more in depth view of methodology and sample.