CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2013-14

The CHILDWISE Monitor is a comprehensive annual report focused on children and young people's media consumption, brand attitudes and key behaviour, now in its 20th year. This year, over 2400 children aged 5-16 were interviewed in depth on a range of topics.

The 2013-14 Monitor Report covers...

  • Internet: access, frequency / time spent online, favourite websites, gaming, social networking, social gaming
  • Computers: ownership and usage, tablets / laptops
  • Games consoles: games console ownership, gaming behaviour, time spent playing, favourite games
  • Mobile phones: ownership, usage, time spent using, smart phones, who pays, how are calls paid for, monthly spend
  • Apps: usage, paying for apps, last app downloaded, favourite apps
  • TV: time spent watching, channels watched, favourite programmes, TV ownership, on-demand TV
  • Music: accessing music, radio stations, favourite groups, downloading music
  • Reading: favourites, frequency / time spent reading, reading online, ebook readers  
  • Money: pocket money and earnings, ad-hoc handouts, spending and saving  
  • Self purchase: categories bought from, buying online, next new gadget
  • Sportsweekly hours in / out of school, opinion on amount of sport done in school
  • The London Olympics 2012: recall, impact, awareness of Rio 2016
  • Activities: out of school activities, involvement in music making, collecting things
  • Careers and education: plans for post school / college, attitudes to education, career prospects


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For more information see the  CONTENTS  of the report, or the  INTRODUCTION, which gives a more in depth view of methodology and sample.